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Vedio clips on consecration of Egbe Pot. Babalawo Obanifa will explain and document in detail in this current work, what Egbe Orun is all about. This work is for practicing Babalwo and Orisa practitioners around the world who are in need of knowledge on; what is Egbe, Feeding of Egbe, And Egbe initiation and any other things relate to it.

The work will also be useful for general public who need knowledge of what Egbe is in Yoruba culture and spirituality. The writer Babalawo Obanifa is written from a perspective of a practicing diviner, so any knowledge share in this work is useful for practicing for practitioners as well as academic researcher in field of Yoruba culture and spirituality can use it.

Everything will be discussed in detail for sake of posterity. The work will critically examine what is Egbe? And how to know if you are under their attack or affliction Egbe Heavenly mates or comrades of heaven is given variety of names in different part of Yoruba land. My first point of discussion is to answer the question what is Egbe Orun? Egbe can simply be interprets as Astral mates of human beings, or better put the comrades of individuals in heaven.

It simply mean spiritual peer group of an individual in heaven. Yoruba believes everybody have Elekeji tabi Eni keji Orun spiritual pair in heaven it is the interaction or aggregation of this different Enikeji Orun spiritual peer in heaven that we call Egbe in Yoruba culture and spirituality. Almost all religion in the whole world believes human being come from heaven.


Yoruba cosmology is not an exception. The physical body in the world is just representation of the soul. But this newly formed soul did not have physical house. They just move around the astral plane looking for parents who will give birth to them in form of human beings. It is believe in Yoruba spirituality that every human on earth have spiritual pair or better put heavenly pair in heaven. This heavenly pair is believed to be identical in everything with his pair on earth. But the Astral pair is believed to be more powerful than its earthly counterpart.

The spirit pair is what will call Elekeji Orun or Enikeji Orun. On this Odu Ifa Owonrinsogbe state thus:. Translation: Earth will be uninhabitable for Degbe If not for assistance of replica of Degbe in heaven. Cast Ifa divination reading for heavenly mate Also perform Ifa divination reading for Earthly mate It for the sake of replica of Degbe in heaven That doesn't allow Degbe his earthly replica to suffer.

A pair of soul will evolve from the Ori, one comes to the world to dwell in physical body.

ekuru fun egbe

His replica stays in heaven but still have connections with the physical one. It is our soul in astral plane that we normally see in our dreams when we thinkwe dreams about ourselves or somebody else.

The pair of soul does spend a lot of time and engage in a lot of activities together in heaven before one come to this world through birth, in form of biological body.

The believes handed down by people before us to us, on why the Astral or heavenly replica Enikeji Orun stay in heaven are:. On this position Odu Ifa Obara Oyeku say:. Translation: It is the little children that use their eyes as lamp in darkness Perform Ifa divination reading for Egbe When Egbe was coming from heaven to earth. He was instructed to offer sacrifice We implore you don't let us fall into disgrace Instead for the Egbe on earth to suffer disgrace His heavenly replica will come to his aid Please come to our aid don't allows us to be disgrace.

Translation : The two fugitives usually greet each other by whispering Perform Ifa divination for Egbe on earth Also cast divination with one in heaven The heavenly dignitaries will not allow the ones on earth to be put to dishonor.

So Enikeji Orun as explained above is entirely different from destiny Ori Enikeji Orun is strictly concerned with behaviors not destiny.Have you ever felt as if you are alone in this world, all by your self, even though you are a social person, you just cannot seem to make friends?


You know you are attractive but you never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend depending your gender, or if you meet someone it never goes anywhere? All your school friends have married and have children but here you are not even able to be asked out on a date. If you have not personally experienced any of this, I am sure you have met people who has. Often times children, while young and just beginning to talk, will have what we call Imaginary Friends, who they would talk to, play with, eat with and even call them by name.

To the parents, it is cute, and we tell our friends and families about our child and their imaginary friend not knowing that there is more to the story and that this child is no ordinary child. My children had imaginary friends when they were younger and I thought it was cute and would humor them. When Science do not understand somethings they make stuff up, the pediatrician will tell the parents when he is asked that the child is just going through some kind of change and this is his or her coping mechanism or some will tell the parents not to worry it will soon stop or go away.

My youngest child imaginary friend was called Sansa, she began speaking to Sansa as soon as she could talk and would always play with her. I was used to these imaginary friends and I had spoken to the doctor when one of my sons began to talk to his friend Brian who assured me that it was perfectly normal and that Brian would disappear around age seven which he did. One Christmas when my little girl received a gift which she was very happy with, so happy she hugged tightly me and told me thanks.

As she pulled away from me she turned to her imaginary friend Sansa, who we were all used to and showed her the gift, but what happened after that was kinda scary, at least to my other children who did not sleep the whole night after that.

ekuru fun egbe

She showed Sansa her gifts while telling Sansa that she could not wait until Grandma and Grandpa came so she could show then the gifts she had received from her mommy. We all gave each other side eyes while hearing the noise of crickets, but said nothing. She was about five or six at this time and my other child who had Brian the imaginary friend, had since stopped playing with him. We had cleaned up the room after opening all the gifts and had our Christmas meal, and had all gone to the living room to watch movies.

Three hours had passed since the gifts were opened. That night they all showed themselves to me, I saw my little girl in my yard riding a pink tricycle. I saw Sansa, Grandma, Grandpa, Devon, and Donovan all playing and laughing with her, the scene in the dream was a happy one.

As I stood to the side and watched these people surround my daughter like a family, I asked someone beside me who is always in my dreams with me but I have never seen him, who were these people and what do they want with my child and he answered that they were her astral matesher family, who she left in heaven when she began her journey here.

Egbe Egg-beh is a Yoruba word, which literally means society or groups. Egbe Orun Orun means heavenis our spirit group or companions associated with us from heaven. Other explanations of Egbe are that they are our spiritual companions who lived with us, enjoyed us, played with us in the realm of spirit from where we came and has agreed to watch over us, protect and guide us, as we choose to be born into this realm.

Often times when a soul chooses to be incarnated to earth, they will leave their spirit husband or wives and family, some will make the promise to return at a certain point, if that contract is broken, for instance between husband and wife, and it is the wife who has incarnated and is living here on this realm, then while on earth remember she has no knowledge of this, because once a child has passed through the birthing passage, the womb and born, all knowledge of their spiritual life is left behind she will find herself having problems.

She may not be able to find a boyfriend, marry or have a family, or if she manages to have a family, the union is plagued with problems, or the husbands keep dying or going to prison.I wrote this post many months ago, although it did get some attention from you, it did not get enough I believe, and this is a very important topic.

There are many things within this world where we live that maybe disturbing our lives daily and we do not know or understand what it is. Like the posts below on Incubus Succubus, there are entities, all for the function of the human earthly development while in the physical body, who are here in this realm to test us in all sorts of ways. The picture up top is one example of an Egbe shrine, and the fruits are offerings to them, more often in Nigeria they can be found outside at the root of a banana tree.

Oh if only spirituality instead of religion was taught in school! So many people would not be lost. This Earth plane is a remarkable place, and there are so many forces who are here with us, unseen to the physical eyes.

The word Egbe Egg-beh means society or group. In metaphysics we can identify them as Soul groups and as we know, our soul groups have many function within our lives, but Egbe is a Yoruba word. I have decided to re-post this topic because they may be affecting many of you and you do not know it. This past Saturday night my husband here in Africa and I had an disagreement, no, not a disagreement a quarrel.

It began over him not wanting to explain something for me,claiming that he was tired. He was I am sure, he works hard in the days, our work is not easy, but what pissed me off was when he called me to help him rub his shoulders which he said was hurting him. I always do this for him at nights, as his muscles would tense up due to his work, but I had been asking him to explain this particular thing for a while and he always put me off.

So I sulked to rub his shoulder mi have him up and ah tink sey him selfishwhile I was rubbing the shoulder, thinking to myself…. Kissing mi teeth in mi head and cutting mi eyes dem offa him, like lickle pickney. He realized that I was vexed, I guess he felt it as to how I handling the shoulder, mi haul and pull it de way mi ignoranthe turned around and shouted at me to leave his shoulder alone.

Him voice strong ei nuh, so when he shouts he sounds like he is roaring. African Women spoil their men, and most of them are submissive economics I guess, and what they learnand take what the men gives them.

Anyway, I shouted back, we have had our moments but never like this scream festhe was surprised and upset, and sat up looked at me and walked out of the room. He went into another room to sleep while I grumbled for half the night and sulked. In the morning he apologized and we were good again.

ekuru fun egbe

On Monday we had a good day, but when night came and he asked me to share food for him, as I went to share it, I remembered the shouting on Saturday while I was sharing, and I became upset and began thinking all kinds of things.

Mi did ah tinks sey mi cudden cuss him de right way caws ah African and him nah guh undastan de tring ah bad wud whey mi did ah guh daab him up wid, bad breed tinkin was inna mi head.Ifa Orula enero 17, 1. OgbeSignos 4, Views. Ellos decidieron re-ofrecer el sacrificio prescrito entonces. Cuando los dos estaban en necesidad de todas las cosas buenas de la vida. El torrente es el padre de la lluvia.

Dos botellas de licor y dinero. This is because of the power of the liquor. El cliente es una persona favorablemente puesta pero debe ofrecer sacrificio apropiado para prevenirlo del sufriendo experimentando y el destino enfermo. En este Ogbe-Yeku dice:. Ogbe Yeku-Yeku. Los asuntos respondieron a su penalidad no morando por las instrucciones de su Rey. Ellos se negaron a obedecerlo y se negaron a traerle sus deudas. Eku, eja. La mujer no puede casarse por un no-iniciado.

Esto estaba pasando repetidamente. Los elementos rituales son una gallina y dinero. Los proyectos pueden estar muriendo apagandose antes de que ellos se vayan. El sacrificio — una gallina y dinero. La persona es rodeada por enemigos que no le desean bien.

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ekuru fun egbe

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Orisa Egbé

Support the Videos.Awon eniyan bi ogoji 40 lapapo ni won ti fi ife han bayii lati dije fun ipo gomina ipinle Ondo eleyii ti yoo waye ninu odun yii. Ninu egbe oselu All Progressives Congress APCogbon eniyan ni won ti nawo soke bayii lati dije ninu eto idibo abele egbe oselu naa. Ninu eto idibo yii gan-an ni won yoo ti ma mo taani yoo soju egbe onigbale lati dije ninu eto idibo fun ipo gomina ti yo waye ninu osu kewaa odun Bakan naa, awon eniyan mewaa lati inu egbe osele Peoples Democratic Party PDP ni won ti n mura sile fun eto idibo abele egbe alaburada.

Eleyii lo mu iye apapo gbogbo awon oludije naa je ogoji lapapo. Kingsley Kuku, Hon. Bakitta Bello ati Hon. Saka Lawal. Gbenga Elegbeleye. Awon yoku labe egbe oselu onigbale ni Dr.

Tunji Abayomi. O ni iba lasan ni o se oun ti oun si se itoju ara laarin ojo meji pere. O ni leyin re ni awon ore gba oun nimoran lati se ayewo ajakale arun coronavirus. Next: Yemi Sodinmu lori eto Gbajumo Osere. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.Ekuru elewe is of the popular meal among Yoruba. It's usually cooked or prepared using peeled striped beans. I love this food back then in school because it serves like an apetitizer to me though. I love eating with a palm oil. Now am happy that I can cook it myself.

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Because have been wanting to learn how to do it. I like it and telling my partner how to make ekuru. Little did I know I will come across it here on this platform this money. I can say this is one of my best food ever, I though it has alot of process to go through before it looks good and tasty and it doesn't require more money before you can make it Ekuru loved by many yoruba 's Pepe especially the elderly one's.

Ekuru is one of my favorite meal. It's so funny have never made it by myself. I normally do it together with my mum.

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One thing i love so much about ekuru is the the sauce. If the sauce is not peppery it won't bring out the taste. The water should be about 1cm deep.

Orisa Egbe

Reply Share Share Share Tweet. Comments Reply I love this food back then in school because it serves like an apetitizer to me though. Thank you joo. Mother Or Wife?

And Why? Taking Responsibility In Your Relationship. Money Issue In Relationships.

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