Suburban rv furnace thermostat 12v

You turn the dial on the thermostat, expecting a rush of warm air, but then nothing is happening. What are you going to do? Once the pilot light is lit, the furnace is controlled by the flow of gas alone. As long the RVs batteries are suitably charged and you have a supply of gas, then you can operate the furnace with no issues. Air Return : The air return is a vent on the inside of the RV that sucks in air to circulate through the heat exchanger and out through the ducts.

This is not to be confused with the air used for combustion, there is a seperate intake for this. Blower Motor : The blower motor drives a couple of fans that circulate air through the furnace. One fan brings air in through the Air Return, the other fan brings in air from outside into the combustion chamber and out through the exhaust.

If the circuit breaker has triggered it can often be reset but the underlying cause of the trigger should be investigated and fixed. Combustion Air Intake : This is the air inlet positioned on the exterior of the RV that pumps air into the combustion chamber.

Combustion Chamber : The chamber where oxygen and propane are burned to produce heat. Ducts : The Ducts carry the heated air from the furnace to the interior of the RV. Exhaust : The exhaust is an air outlet on the exterior of the RV that exhausts the gases produced during the combustion process.

The gases are a combination of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, these gases must never enter the interior of the RV, doing so can result in serious injury or death. Lower fan speed will result in a lower BTU output.

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Heat Exchanger : The heat exchanger used conduction to take the heat generated within the combustion chamber and uses it to warm the air circulating through the ducts. Gas Valve : The gas valve is an electronically controlled valve which opens to allow gas to flow into the combustion chamber. High Limit Switch : The high limit switch controls excess heat from damaging the heat exchanger. If the temperatures get too high the switch will cut power and avoid damage that could be caused.

Damage to the heat exchanger can cause deadly gases to enter the ducts, so this is a very important safety device.

suburban rv furnace thermostat 12v

Igniter : The igniter generates a spark to ignite the propane. In a DSI furnace, the igniter takes the place of a pilot light. It will also act as a sensor to verify that ignition was successful. Ignition Control Circuit Board : The ignition circuit board is in charge of operating the gas valve and firing the ignitor spark. In some models the ignitor will try several times to ignite the furnace, you may hear a distinct tick-tick-tick sound as the spark initiates.

Some models may only attempt to ignite every 60 seconds, while others will attempt once and then shut down if the ignition is not achieved, these require the thermostat to be cycled to attempt again.

suburban rv furnace thermostat 12v

Pilot Light : The pilot light produced a small flame that continuously burns and will light the main propane source when the valve is opened. This is not present in DSI furnaces. Sail Switch : The sail switch features a paddle arm that covers the blower air stream, as the blower reaches full speed the sail switch is pushed out of the way, this action allows for power to be passed to the ignition switch.

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Thermostat : The thermostat monitors the internal temperature inside the RV and will trigger the furnace to turn on if the internal temperature has not met the specified threshold. Time Delay Relay : The time delay relay uses a small delay before initiating the furnace cycle. The most important tool in your arsenal to help you troubleshoot an RV furnace is the voltmeter. Equipped with one of these and knowledge of how to use will go a long way to helping you diagnose and fix most RV furnace issue.

We would use the voltmeter in order to ensure that sufficient power is reaching the components that make up the RV furnace. We quite like this one.

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This LED will flash a number of times if there is an issue present, the number of flashes will indicate the type of issue. A chart will be available somewhere on the surface to help you decipher what the flashes indicate. The furnace fans are most often located behind the outside access cover. The motor will provide power through a shaft to both the main furnace fan and to the combustion air fan. Typically the motor and fans are covered in a case which may also contain the sail switch.Last Updated on : July 20, Rv furnace problems are very common and finding a solution to that problem is easy if you troubleshoot it step by step.

In this article, we will see common RV furnace issues and how to get them resolved. A preventive maintenance can really help in keeping the furnace in good working condition. A newly installed furnace can also face issues in which case its easy to get it replaced under warranty. A working of furnace will vary depending on the type and model. In most cases, its a standard functioning though. Lets check out the furnace problems and how to fix them.

This is a common problem with furnaces in RV. Lets check how to troubleshoot this problem. It will be possible to diagnose any malfunctioning on the part of the propane gas or tank lines by assessing whether any gas is obtainable. This can be done by setting a 2-way refrigerator to the propane, turning on the propane range which works internally, or igniting other appliances running out the identical gas line.

In case it does work, you can be certain that the propane tank is not responsible for this. In case no evidence of any gas is found within the system, it will be imperative to check the system thoroughly beginning with the tank.

During winter, the metal is going to contract, and therefore, it is possible for a propane coupler to become loose. Make it a point to verify that everything is quite tight. In case there would have been any leakage in the internal line which is running via the RV, you could be getting rotten egg smells. In case, there is any leakage on the mainline, you will find it difficult to identify it simply by smelling. If feasible, let your hand run along the line while trying to feel any areas which have been either damaged or cracked.

Ensure to verify what exactly the propane line is going to enter inside the body of the camper. On some occasions, the gaskets might wear on a hose leading to a minor leakage. It might be possible for you to use duct tape for wrapping a small leakage. Although it might work, it will not be able to fix the problem permanently. On the majority of the RV propane furnaces, the igniter requires a minimum of In case a couple of the onboard batteries has become compromised or have run quite low, there might not be enough spark for operating the thermostat or igniting the system.

At times, it is all about the tripping of the circuit breaker. Consequently, the panel should be checked for making certain that every single breaker for the thermostat and the furnace is switched on.

You never like to end up with a dead battery in the long run. In case the onboard batteries indicate that they are supplying adequate power to the device, then you can test to see if the issue is due to a broken or loose wire. While monitoring wires this needs a careful approach. Starting at the furnace itself could be helpful.Ensuring every single appliance that we manufacture is reliable and finished with precision is just part of what we do every day.

We test every batch that comes off our production lines to ensure that the high standards we set are met with every delivery. We are always working hard to improve our appliances and make them even better by utilizing our history in the RV Industry. Suburban appliances are built to be reliable and perform exquisitely - time after time.

11 Most common RV Furnace problems and how to fix them

If something should go wrong, you can rest assured that you will receive the full support of our customer care teams. We support the majority of our appliances with a 2 year limited warranty to ensure that you are never without help. All rights reserved. About AirXcel. Home About Airxcel About Airxcel. Contact Us. Conflict Minerals Policy. RV Group. Australian Market.

Marvair Group Brands. Suburban Water Heaters Quality you want, now and down the road. Suburban Furnaces Powerful heating performance for your RV.

Suburban Cooking Appliances Designed for Adventure. Designed for Life. Suburban Outdoor Products Made for Nature. Welcome to Suburban, an Airxcel brand. Our commitment to quality and performance. Our commitment to producing quality comfort products has remained the same for over 70 years. We select only the highest quality materials, components and designs to make sure you never have to compromise on quality, performance or style. Quality Ensuring every single appliance that we manufacture is reliable and finished with precision is just part of what we do every day.

Performance Suburban appliances are built to be reliable and perform exquisitely - time after time. Cooking Appliances.

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Water Heaters. Outdoor Products.The Suburban RV furnaces, gas heating systems, solid state spark ignition systems, water heaters, and efficient DC motors are used widely in the Recreation Vehicles. The capacity of Suburban RV furnaces ranges from 16, to 40, BTUH and they come in wide variety of sizes, and configuration in order to meet the RV manufacturer needs.

The recreation vehicle which uses propane gas, are designed with suburban forced draft combustion furnaces. It is quite dangerous, to convert the usage of this recreational vehicle, which uses natural gas, unless an approval is provided by the manufacturer of the furnace.

The gas supply pressure has certain requirements:. The various types of Suburban RV furnaces used in recreation vehicle, are listed below:. There are four important factors which needs to look upon while installing the suburban RV furnace. A specified voltage mentioned on the kit should be strictly followed, as higher voltage can cause a fire hazard. Wiring of the suburban RV furnace should be long and accurately wired, as incorrect wiring may damage the thermostat and could cause personal injury and property damage.

The heating element in the Suburban RV furnace kit arrives without ducting holes, and is predrilled for the specific furnace in the test installation. A cheap heat specialized controller is designed for activating the heating coils, and sending hot air via the existing system of ducting. There are two important aspects to be looked upon.

The main burner should be cleaned at least once in a year, or just before beginning the heating season. Room air blower wheel, and sail switch are cleaned especially. If not the motor might drag, and a very less amount of air flow is produced to engage the sail switch. A regular inspection of your RV furnace is essential in order to avoid future problems. Furnace thermostats are available in the market, in order to replace the Suburban RV furnace in an effective way. There are also certain ways to repair your suburban RV furnaces yourself.

You can flush the RV hot water tank, clean the furnace filter, Dust-proof your home, maintain and inspect RV roof and battery regularly for effective maintenance. All prices are in USD. My Account Sign in or Create an account. Please wait Select Category.

Suburban RV Furnace Parts. Add To Cart. The gas supply pressure has certain requirements: Water column voltage requirements should be between 11" and 14". Voltage requirement should be between RV Web Network is reader-supported.

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suburban rv furnace thermostat 12v

I mean, can you imagine riding around or sleeping in your RV without being able to control how heat or cold it is inside? Honestly, I think that would be one the worst experiences you could face as an RV owner.

And this article will give you all the information you need to ensure you do have a high-quality RV thermostat. And as someone who relies a lot on customers reviews, seeing so many good reviews kind of washes away my issues with this being an older model.

Additionally, I love that this thermostat connects to both the air conditioner and the furnace. And as someone who loves convenience, the easy to install aspect of this thermostat is a really nice touch. Coleman RV Camper Thermostat. The Coleman Camper Thermostat is the second analog thermostat on our list and with that comes an expectation this would be a good bargain option. And Coleman, even offers the add-on of an expert installation right on the Amazon page.

Suburban Wall Thermostat. It seems Suburban wanted to create a thermostat that was both cost-effective and efficient to use. Suburban even offers an expert installation as a part of the package for the thermostat. But for someone looking for an analog, heat-only thermostat this could be a great option, especially, at this price. And it helps that our first electronic thermostat is a worthwhile option for any RV owner for a variety of reasons.

First, the versatility of this RV thermostat is almost unprecedented among any model. See, this electronic thermostat can work both inside your actual home and RV.

For me, this versatility moves this product up to the top of my preferred RV thermostat list. Honestly, with the price of the 2-pack, I could easily afford to upgrade both my RV and my actual home thermostats for the price of some single communicating models.

In this regard, Honeywell seems to be ahead of their competitors. It just not practical for my circumstances. Along the same lines, this thermostat also offers expert installation, which is a must for me given my lack of talent for dealing with electrical appliances. But again, it was only a few instances, and honestly, at these affordable prices, I can see myself buying a two-pack.

Our last analog RV thermostat, Atwood Thermostat, comes from a well-represent manufacturer on this list, Atwood.

And with this knowledge, you can expect this product to be a very high-quality, no-nonsense thermostat. Multiple customers reported doing the whole installation in a matter of minutes. Coleman Digital RV Thermostat. In the simplest terms, this thermostat will do its job with little to no issues.Because of the aforementioned restrictions on driving, much residential building will be in-fill, near mass transit stations.

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RV Furnace Troubleshooting How To Fix Common Issues

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Suburban RV Furnace

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Suburban RV Furnace

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