Telkom adsl deals

Do you know what ADSL stands for?

Well, the A stands for awesome Ok, technically it stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, but it might as well. For example, video calling, streaming series or even online gaming! Connect laptops, notebooks, smart phones, multimedia entertainment players, and readers at the same time. Back in the day with those dial-up modems, data was transmitted over your telephone line. But with ADSL, we split your line in two — one side is dedicated to your phone, the other to your internet so you have an uninterrupted connection to the internet and can be on a telephone call at the same time without affecting your ADSL speed.

How do you know which option is right for you? Free WiFi-enabled modem is subject to a month contract. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. For information on cookies and how you can disable them visit our Privacy and cookies policy.

Find out more about cookies here. A Telkom classic. More here. Safety Over Speed. Multi-User Connect laptops, notebooks, smart phones, multimedia entertainment players, and readers at the same time. Cheap and Cheerful High-speed connectivity at the same price every month.

No surprises. Split for Speed. Pick a speed, any speed. Order Now. Best seller. The Small Print.Get all the tools, information and support you need to get the best out of your plan. Please click on the relevant button below for more detailed information on the broadband service you signed up for. With our unique SoftCap Internet value proposition, you can continue to do the basics like surf, search, email, bank and access social media sites after you have reached your data cap, at no extra cost!

It also offers the best internet experience as SoftCap receives higher priority on the network than uncapped data during peak periods or when the network is congested. Uncapped Night Surferincluded in all SoftCap deals, offers free data between 12am and 7am every day. If you schedule your updates and large downloads between these times, it will not account towards your monthly data cap.

Our FUP offers great value to high data users and a great connectivity experience for other users too. The FUP is dynamic and customers that reach FUP levels, will be throttled during specific peak time traffic on a daily basis.

No throttling will take place for the remainder of the day. What does throttling mean?

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Throttling allows internet browsing, but at a reduced speed. Please be advised that each uncapped product has allocated FUP threshold parameters. Refer to the table below for the total FUP and throttle speed per uncapped product. If those needs change, you can buy top-up bundles, or you may want to look in to migrating to a higher DSL plan.

For more information on migrating your plan, click on the relevant link below:. You can check balances, buy bundles and more, around the clock. You can do it from your phone, online by creating a MyTelkom profile on our website or from the Telkom App.

Read more. Keeping up with your payments is easy and convenient when your bill is delivered to you via e-mail. Home page. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. For information on cookies and how you can disable them visit our Privacy and cookies policy.

Find out more about cookies here. Thank you for choosing Telkom Broadband Get all the tools, information and support you need to get the best out of your plan. About your plan Please click on the relevant button below for more detailed information on the broadband service you signed up for. Telkom ADSL for your home:.

What if your needs change? Click on the relevant link below for more information:. Manage Spend and Data Get it working for you Read more.

Get Help Self-help tools and contact info Read more.

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To find out more about our value-added services, click on the link below. Your device fee will fall away and your promotional benefits, if applicable, will expire at the end of the contract period. Thereafter your Mobile service will continue on a month-to-month basis and the standard pricing for the service will apply.

To return to the Home Page Please click below.Sales Hotline: LTE deliveries will continue during national lockdown. Stay safe and sign up online. The portable Huawei E Mi-Fi Router provides internet connectivity to up to 10 simultaneous wireless users. Combined wireless speeds of up to Mbps and increased range thanks to Deals Expire On The 30th of April !

It's so easy to install, you just plug it into an LTE-compatible router, switch on and start surfing. No fixed line required! Please note: All packages are billed a once-off sim and activation fee of R Get fast LTE speeds on Telkom's award-winning network. Maximum download speed is up to 90 Mbps. Average download speeds are between Mbps with a low 40ms latency.

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Will definitely recommend! All deals subject to coverage check as well as a credit check. Telkom and DSL Telecom cannot guarantee that these deals will still be available by the time your application form and documentation have been received.

Your information will not be shared. Authorised Service Provider. Free delivery to your door. Telkom LTE. Telkom Uncapped LTE. Voice service with on-net voice minutes included.

Huawei E Mi-Fi Router.

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Click here for router specs. Width: Wi-Fi Protocol. External Ports. Connects up to 10 devices.

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Connects up to 64 devices.We direct your traffic through your geographically closest DNS server, resulting in super fast speeds.

Purchase Ecotel super fast wifi deals and get your wifi package activated instantly. Amazing right? Connect multiple devices via wifi and cables and enjoy fast super fast wifi speeds.

telkom adsl deals

No long term contracts. Unlike our competitors who limits your speeds from mid month.

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Our fast speeds remains the same. Our services are automated with back up to avoid any downtime.

Incase there is we help you I want to buy your uncapped wifi but when I press order it does not take me to where I add to cart.

Please assist. No landline. Hi there. I am interested in uncapped WiFi for my home. Can u please send me some more info please? Good day, I am interrested in your LTE packages, is there more information? Thank you Mariette. Can you please advise on the availability and prices for WIFI at the address below? I am interested in uncapped wireless modem for my house.

I am based in VanderbijlparkGauteng. Thank you. Please confirm how this deal works as the monthly payment structure together with turnaround time.

I would like to enquire about this deal for R I live in Bellville South. I hope to hear back from you soon. I live in paarl. Would like to know if you cover my area. Looking for uncapped wifi for home use without using a telkom line.

I would like to know more about the wi-fi deals please. It seems there is no contact number for Ecotel? There is a contact word, but other than not details. I trust you get all these replies. I live in Sunninghill, gauteng. I am looking for uncapped WiFi. Please contact me on BURNVALE LADY should race on the speed and may be caught late, perfectly placed.

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TIZA drawn ideally and carrying less weight, in with a chance. Sacred Monarch (1) Scratched 7. Iamthekey (7) Scratched 1. Cries of Joy (12) Looks a toss up between the top two selections. SACRED MONARCH placed last start at Clare when first up and drawn ideally, genuine contender. REDEEKA led throughout for a dominant win last start at Hamilton on a soft track and won't be far away in the run, among the chances.

IAMTHEKEY placed last start at Naracoorte on a heavy track and likely to race just off the speed, the real danger in the race. CRIES OF JOY back from 33 week spell and placed when trialling at Mount Gambier, still in this.

Cool Maverick (6) Scratched 9. Normandy Lad (2) 6. Ready for Action (9) COOL MAVERICK short back-up of four days and won last start at Strathalbyn, genuine contender. ZAAZOE has four placings from five runs this prep and placed last start at Clare, dangerous. NORMANDY LAD 2 wins from three attempts this campaign and two of four wins have come from dry ground, in with a chance.

READY FOR ACTION short back-up of six days and came on to finish midfield last start at Mount Gambier on a soft track, place chance. First Reward (4) 5.

Planet Voyage (5) 1. Reef's Revenge (9) FIRST REWARD has good early speed and racing back from the city, a winning chance. PLANET VOYAGE 5 from seven wins have been in the dry and generally races near the speed. EQUIETTO back after 16 week break and resumes well, cannot be ruled out. REEF'S REVENGE resumes from a 16 week spell and expected to settle on speed, place chance.

Daffey Dux (3) 2. Dances On Stars (8) 9. Chu Chu Charlie (6) 6. Costa Lante (5) DAFFEY DUX in strong form with two wins from six attempts this campaign and two from three wins have been in the dry, a winning chance. DANCES ON STARS 4 of six wins have come from dry ground and could come on strong to threaten, cannot be ruled out.

CHU CHU CHARLIE amongst the placegetters last start running third at Hamilton on a soft track and has three placings from five runs this prep, don't treat lightly. COSTA LANTE racing back from the city and all wins have come when faced with dry ground, in with a chance.

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CHENERS short back-up of six days and in strong form with two wins from nine attempts this campaign, a close top pick. FLOW METER short back-up of seven days and drawn perfectly, hard to hold out.

NO FAIRY 4 from five wins have been in the dry and running 7. DUQUESSA 4 from eight wins have been in the dry and racing back from metro track, don't treat lightly. Cavalry Gold (6) 2. Gold Seal (5) 1. Gangster's Run (3) Scratched 12.Two of the terms you'll hear mentioned a huge amount in discussion of StarCraft 2 are the twin pillars of the game's strategy: Macro and Micro.

telkom adsl deals

Put very simply, Macro concerns the maintenance of your economy (keeping workers busy, resources flowing and so on), as well as the growth of your overall fighting force, pursuing whatever pre-determined strategy you've decided to work towards.

Micromanagement, on the other hand, refers to the more fiddly business of controlling individual elements of your army, or groups of fighting units. It is absolutely vital that you pay close attention to both of these elements, and continue doing so at every stage of any given match. Fail to do so and you might find yourself starved of resources to rebuild after a fiddly, losing battle. Spend too much time playing SimCity, on the other hand, and you'll lack both the intel and means to defend against your opponent's mounting forces.

Take comfort from the fact this process comes naturally to nobody, and in each match you should simply focus on trying to do one thing better than you did in the previous match.

If you keep practising in this way, then you'll eventually find yourself passively improving at monitoring both elements of the game. It's a painful learning process, but a necessary one and you will get better if you persevere.

To make things a little easier on yourself, it's important to go into each game with something called a build order in mind. The following section contains a little more information on this point, as well as a beginner's example for each race. Build orders are quite simply your pre-determined production plans for the earliest stages of the game - what you're going to build and when you're going to build it.

This ensures you have a goal to work towards, and helps you work efficiently towards achieving it. There are more build order options out there than we could possibly summarise in any one guide such as this, but we wanted to highlight a solid starting list for each race that you can use to get going with.

In each video you'll find a versatile build order that should serve you well in all of your early match-ups. This is one area where you can take a little time to play against the AI, getting the flow of your hotkey and control groups together (see further on in this guide), while starting the process of building a super-efficient and robust economy. Again, just don't get addicted to stomping easy AI opponents in this way, and get back into real multiplayer at your earliest opportunity.

If you commit your chosen build to memory, you will find yourself at a huge advantage in the early stages of the ladder climb. Having a solid plan in place will also free you up to focus on honing your other skills in the early days.

If you do not make use of hotkeys, you are always going to be at a permanent disadvantage to anyone who does - even if (all things being equal) they're an inferior player to you.

It takes time to move between multiple UI elements, after all, moving your mouse and then clicking. How much better it would be if you could simply tap a button and head straight to your unit or structure of choice. Fortunately, StarCraft 2 provides an extremely flexible system for assigning hotkeys on the fly, and you are strongly encouraged to do so right from the very beginning of your time with the game. That way you minimise any bad habits you might pick up, and reduce the amount of time between the decisions you make and the actions you take.Mainstream media now brings the heads of these services on air and passes them off as analysts, affording people like Bell streams of new customers and free advertising a salesman could scarcely imagine.

Scribes and sportscasters alike present Bell as the oracle of Las Vegas. You can hear him on Stephen A. A few years ago, he wrote a regular betting column for Grantland. On Twitter, his followers number more than 117,000. From a young age I watched haggard men peddle worthless tip sheets at the racetrack. If a handicapper truly had an edge, I quickly learned, he would guard it. He would have everything to losequite literallyby advertising it.

This axiom seems to escape journalists increasingly wading into covering sports betting, to say nothing of the desperate customers paying for picks. I spent a year investigating the tout industry and discovered the same old racket, wrapped in sophisticated-looking, digital-era packaging.

In private, Bell seems to tell a different story. If you came across RJ Bell on ESPN or glanced at the cover of The New York Times Magazine a few years ago, you would find no reason to question his credibility. Go to Pregame, and you only find winning records. But running a tout service is an ongoing sleight of hand, beginning with those records.

telkom adsl deals

The real world is getting ignored. And touts, because of the fees they charge for picks, have to be even more successful than that to make their clients money in the long run. Bell demands that Pregame customers trust him on this. Bell loves to say that every pick ever sold on Pregame is archived and available for review.

This is ostensibly true, but to access results older than 30 days requires clicking through a calendar, day by day, and entering CAPTCHA codes for each one. Before long you find yourself in an infinite CAPTCHA loop, unable to continue, blocked from any attempts to tabulate the hard evidence.

Two real-world bettors, one of whom is a former financial analyst in his late 20s who is highly regarded by oddsmakers, developed a script to scrape Pregame. You can view and download a spreadsheet containing all the data, including every single Pregame pick dating back to Jan. It is a large file and may take several minutes to open. Based on full record of Pregame picks. The data covers 49 touts who sold their plays during this period (not including those whose existences have been completely expunged from the archives, like David Glisan, Mike Hook, and Stan Sharp), and of those 49, only 11 of them showed a profit.

Of those gains, most were marginal and would be wiped out by standard fees. Flipping a coin would have been a more cost-effective strategy. Based on full record of Pregame picks plus standard per-pick prices. His touts, he claims, win 55 percent of the time. Such a strike rate would be a license to print money. Bell is smart enough to understand that shouting about winning records of 75-90 percent, as some barrel-bottom touts do, would only garner ridicule.

It tells you something that for all their supposed professionalism, touts still use aliases. At Pregame, the big ones go by names like Fezzik, Goodfella, Spartan, Sleepyj, VegasButcher, and King Creole. In July 2014, Bell patted himself on the back when he announced on Pregame a new standard for his touts: They had to publicly provide their real name and a signed declaration declaring any past legal troubles.

telkom adsl deals

As touts bounce from site to site, sometimes under different names, there really is no way to determine their true track records. Touts plug away despite columns of red, all the while advertising useless cherry-picked short-term streaks or outright falsified ones. Like most touts, Coach sold picks in a few places. Every Super Bowl, places like The PBS NewsHour turn to the bespectacled Covers as the prototypical long-time professional bettora sharp.

Teddy Covers is as sharp as a marble.

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